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Literacy and Numeracy Volunteers

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Literacy and Numeracy Volunteers
Harrogate Training Services
Description of the role:

We offer a friendly environment where we really appreciate the help that our workers give us! We are in the centre of Harrogate and have a small training centre with outdoor space for activities on warmer days. You would be offered refreshments throughout the day.

We aim to offer a lot of help and support to young people to help them make the step from not working/disengaged with learning into employment and, where possible, apprenticeships.

Our volunteers make a real difference to our trainees - helping with reading, filling in forms, mathematics and personal development. This can include 'formal' learning and 'informal' such as playing board games. There is great pleasure in helping a learner who has not attended school and has avoided working in the past to move forwards - particularly those who lack confidence and do not feel they can succeed.

Even though it can be difficult sometimes, it is lovely when they ask when their volunteer is in next so that they can continue with their book or crossword, etc.

Skills and qualities needed for the role:

It is benefical to have experience of volunteering with young people but a caring approach and a desire to help is the main skill needed.

Any volunteers with formal teaching qualifications (particularly English or Maths.) would be greatly appreciated. Most of the young people our works volunteer with have struggled in the past and need someone to help them build in confidence with lots of praise for their achievements. You may need a thick skin occasionally and be able to encourage and show empathy.

Practical information:

Where possible, we prefer volunteers to commit to a definite day or time so that they can be matched to specific learners. Although we would love to help all that apply to HTS, we are only open Mondays-Thursday 9:00-5:00 and Fridays 9:00-4:30.


Additional Information
DBS check needed: No
Driving licence needed: No
Car owner: No
Open to: Ages 18+
19 Haywra Street
North Yorkshire
Last updated: 15.05.2019
Organisation Information

We deliver bespoke training for pre-apprentices and apprentices aged 16 - 19 to enable them to make the most of their opportunities and to help them to gain and progress in employment. Our main goal is to engage learners, help them holistically and support them to gain and progress in employment and training.

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